Pebble Creek Lakesyde Gingerrun Cha-Ching

Co owned and loved with Amy Burnim and Doug & Sue Hippler
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Pedigree of “Visa”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
GrCh Lakesyde Ginngerrun’s Captain Underpants CDX GrCh Lakesyde’s Dont Try This At Home OS GrCh Harborview Under Construction
Lakesyde’s Fifth Avenue
Ch Lakesyde’s Cheese With Your Whine GrCh Shyan’s Blu Christmas OS
Goodtime V Lakesyde Red Velvet Cupcake
GrCh Lakesyde And Thats The Truth Ch Scion Oughta Be A Law NA, NAJ, OS, SDHF Ch Legacy’s Standing Ovation SDHF OS
CH Scion Tell It To The Judge WC OD
Ch Lakesyde’s Junior Mint OD Ch Goodtime’s The Perfect Man At Lakesyde
Lakesyde’s Fifth Avenue