Gangway’s Story Of A Tree At Lakesyde

Co owned and loved by Beth Durand (Rustic Goldens) and Amy Burnim (Gingerrun Goldens)
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Pedigree of “Edyn”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
GrCh Lakesyde’s The Story Continues GrCh Lakesyde’s Don’t Try This At Home OS GrCh Harborview’s Under Constuction OS
Lakesyde’s Fifth Avenue
Ch Goodtime’s Perfect Ending OD Ch Quest Lakesyde ChristmasKidd CD, JH, WCX, OS ,VC
Ch De La Vega Gootime’s Crazy River
Gangway’s Can’t See The Forrest For The Trees Ch Faera’s The Story Of My Life OS SDHF Ch Faera’s Future Classic OS
Faera’s Shilo Lueree Fire OD
Ch Gangway’s You Take The High Road GrCh Confetti Gangway’s Field N’Track OS
Ch Gangway’s Early Warning Signal OD